Millimeter-Wave Front-Ends

300 GHz receive (Rx) MMIC
Chip photograph of an integrated 300 GHz receive (Rx) MMIC manufactured using Fraunhofer IAF’s 35 nm mHEMT technology. Block diagram of the integrated functions are shown above the chip photograph.
Transmit module
300 GHz transmit module with broadband data inputs from 0-50 GHz.

Integrated Rx/Tx MMICs with in-phase and quadrature phase (IQ) data inputs were designed by the University of Stuttgart and manufactured on the Fraunhofer IAF's 35 nm mHEMT technology. The typical performance of a Tx MMIC is 1 mW measured output power and an IQ-channel conversion gain of 5 dB. For validation of the system concepts, Rx/Tx modules were developed.

Available solutions:

  • Integrated Rx / Tx 300 GHz front-end MMICs
  • Multiplier MMICs for frequency generation
  • Modules for validation of system concepts

Further information

300 GHz integrated front-end MMICs

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Broadband multiplier MMICs for generation of local oscillator signals

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