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NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibtion 2015, 24 – 25 March 2015, Frankfurt

At the NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 2015 in Frankfurt, the project partners demonstrated multi-gigabit data rate transmission at a carrier frequency of 300 GHz. For the first time, steerable antennas were used at the THz frequency band. This major milestone triggers the next project phase in which an all-electrical phased-array beam steering prototype will be developed.

The video shows the setup that was used for investigating mechanical beam-steering and propagation effects with multi-gigabit data signals. (Step 1) The Rx and Tx units align automatically to the path of best transmission. (Step 2) If the path is interrupted by an obstacle, an alternative path is searched (for example via a reflector). (Step 3) When the obstacle is removed the system selects the original best transmission path again. Electronic beam-steering will drastically speed up the scheme in the next project phase.